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Code Consultants, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of its third President, Terry Schultz, effective January 1, 2015

January 2015


We have, as part of our continued long range planning, had leadership and succession transitions in the works for some time" said current President since 1998, Gregory Miller. "It is essential that new and fresh leadership always be developed and brought to the forefront at the appropriate time in any great organization. Terry Schultz was elected by the principal ownership group because of his outstanding technical, management, and business development qualities. He will continue to lead and grow the firm to even higher levels in the years to come."


Mr. Miller will continue to be a part of the principal group for the next several years and help lead the sales and marketing efforts within the firm as well as special initiatives.


"It is an honor to be chosen by my fellow partners to be the next President" said President-Elect, Terry Schultz. "I look forward to leading one of the premier fire protection engineering consulting firms in the United States into the future, capitalizing on the many opportunities before us to expand our services and grow the firm, while maintaining the high level of service for which we are known.


CCI Principal Amy Murdock to be International Council of Shopping Centers Centerbuild Chair for 2016

January 2015


At the General Session of International Council of Shopping Centers Centerbuild Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, December 3-5, 2014, it was announced that Code Consultants, Inc. Principal, Amy Murdock, will be the Chair for the 2016 Centerbuild Conference. Amy has been a member of the Centerbuild Planning Committee since 2008. In 2013 she was named to Centerbuild’s Class of 2014 20 Under 40 Award.


Amy has been involved in her tenure on the Planning Committee in virtually every aspect of the program production of Centerbuild and is widely known throughout the retail design & construction community around the country. There is no doubt that Amy will continue to be a leader at the Centerbuild Conference in the years to come and will contribute her expertise and experience to make this valuable and worthwhile conference an even better even to attend.


CCI Project Consultant Danielle Hoffberg named to ICSC Centerbuild Class of 2014 20 Under 40 Award

January 2015


At the General Session of International Council of Shopping Centers Centerbuild Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, December 3-5, 2014, it was announced that Code Consultants, Inc. Project Consultant, Danielle Hoffberg, was named to the Class of 2014 20 Under 40 Award.


Danielle has been with CCI since 2005 and serves major Shopping Center developers and retail architects throughout the country. Dani has been active in the Centerbuild program since 2010. She has lead several breakfast roundtables over the past several years on a host of timely and crucial topics regarding Shopping Center and Mall projects and has also been a panelist on several Centerbuild lecture presentations.


Dani plans to be involved with Centerbuild over the years to come and contribute her expertise in Building Code/Life Safety consultation to the Centerbuild Conference.


CCI Committee Member of New NFPA 2: Hydrogen Technologies Case

January 2015


CCI is proud to have helped participate on the Hydrogen Technology committee of the first comprehensive code addressing hydrogen technologies in the built environment. The result is NFPA 2: Hydrogen Technologies Code, which was recently adopted by the California State Fire Marshal. The emergence of hydrogen as a feasible fuel source in conjunction with the development of unprecedented consumer products exposed the need for more detailed codes and standards in this area. Since 2006 CCI has worked together with industry leaders in hydrogen generation, use, storage, dispensing and handling to address hydrogen specific safety hazards.


Increasing federal government incentives, the rising costs of fossil fuels, and the desire to shift energy production to less environmentally destructive technologies have driven the viability of hydrogen fuel cells as power sources. The industry has responded by developing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and initiating the construction of gaseous and liquid hydrogen distribution infrastructure.


Recently, CCI has had the opportunity to apply our experience on the NFPA 2 Hydrogen Technology Committee to several public hydrogen vehicle fueling stations and associated infrastructure hubs. We are proud to have been involved in such an exciting milestone in life safety and fire protection and look forward to using our experience on future projects involving hydrogen technologies.