Statement of Conditions for Health Care

The Joint Commission (TJC) requires Health Care occupancies to document through the use of Statement of Conditions (SOC) that a fire safe environment of care is maintained and that compliance with the intent of NFPA 101 Life Safety Code is provided.


CCI has over 65 years of combined experience in surveying both new and existing Health Care facilities for compliance with the Life Safety Code and documenting the results of these surveys to show conformance with the SOC requirements. The surveys include verification of:


  • construction type
  • smoke/fire rated wall locations
  • proper protection of wall/floor openings and penetrations
  • corridor construction
  • suite locations and design
  • means of egress compliance
  • fire alarm device locations
  • standpipe outlet locations
  • smoke detection coverage
  • manual pull station locations
  • exit signage
  • sprinklered areas
  • hazardous areas
  • interior finish requirements
  • atrium design and smoke control systems


CCI provides survey documentation that includes fire rated wall plans showing the location of the items surveyed which satisfies compliance with the SOC requirements. Further, a list of all deficiencies including necessary corrective actions, and plans showing the location of these deficiencies is documented.


CCI developed a website specifically for use by our Health Care clients that includes the fire rated wall plans and deficiency documentation from the survey, and allows the facility to manage the correction of deficiencies. This includes assigning tasks to staff members, e-mail reminders of deadlines for corrective action and documenting the corrective action.


CCI staff are members of the Life Safety Code Technical Committee on Health Care Occupancies. For more than 30 years CCI has been integral in the development of the Life Safety Code requirements for Health Care occupancies. Our professional staff's working knowledge of the code change process, and code requirements and intent gives CCI the background and experience to identify project issues and recommend effective solutions to the issues, including the development of equivalency concepts.


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